Results from the tests of the T600 detector

Interactions of cosmic rays detected by one of the module of the T600 detector in 2001 in Pavia. This picture shows examples of hadronic interactions and an electromagnetic cascade.
A half-module of the T600 detector was fully instrumented and tested in the experimental conditions in the period from April to August 2001 in Pavia in Italy. It was placed on the Earth's surface and exposed to the cosmic rays. During this period the performance of all the detector systems was studied.
The main conclusion from the tests is that the measurements and the experimental results demonstrate that it is feasible to master all technical issues related to the construction and operation of a large size LAr TPC, within and sometimes beyond the design specifications:

The above-ground location of the experimental site in Pavia allowed the collection of a large sample of cosmic ray events recorded with different configurations of dedicated trigger systems: an external trigger system, internal PMT's system and combined trigger logic between internal and external systems.

Collection of cosmic events


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